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Whenever you plan any Cala Galdana holiday, you have to know that you're going to among the premier major resorts in Menorca. It's situated around the south coast from the island within the Ferreries district, and it is about 22 miles from Mahon, the main city of Menorca. This means that it's a tiny way whatsoever within the airport terminal, and once you have arrived you can well end up coming with the rental property inside the hour.

An Beautiful Horseshoe Beach

The beach is, for a lot of, the primary appeal once they arrange any Cala Galdana holiday and you can understand why. It's a horseshoe bay with stunning, near-vertical coves behind it that offer welcome shelter. Don't let yourself be surprised to determine pictures of the beach all around the island on tourist pamphlets along with postcards. You ought to visit the top coves for many wonderful sights within the bay, but when not, then you will be at liberty enough relaxing under the sun around the warm sand.

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Points of interest Around Cala Galdana

Cala Galdana has a great variety involving restaurants, bars, stores and much more to own customer. It's also well suited for walking as you will find lots of little seaside pathways to understand more about along with a couple of secluded beaches to uncover for that more adventurous.

But among the best reasons for Cala Galdana is you are situated consequently close to other holiday destinations, for example Ferreries. Here you will discover open-air marketplaces, an incredible fiesta locked in August every year, and several other points of interest to help keep you occupied throughout your holiday.

You may also desire to mind to Mount Santa claus gueda, the 2nd greatest hill in Menorca. Here you will discover a castle at the very top dating back the time once the Arabs controlled the area.

Enjoy Your Cala Galdana Holiday

There's plenty to hold you just busy inside Cala Galdana, whether you head for per week or perhaps a month. With a few wonderful rental property accommodation available, it is really an excellent turn to foundation you to ultimately uncover Menorca at it's finest.

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