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Do you dream of living overseas? Have you thought it through?

Do you dream of living overseas? You are not alone many people have this dream. I wonder though how many people think the move through before actually making the move.

Often people will go on holiday to a place, love it and want to move there. They go home quit their job and make the move overseas or to a new state on to realise that life is not always like a holiday. They then return home and remember why they left in the first place and so return again. Back and forth.

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Now of course this is not true for everyone, many people have successful moves, but for those who don't, their dreams can turn out to be a nightmare!

So before making the decision take a moment to think about your dreams. What do you dream of regardless of where you live. Do you dream of more time with your family? Travel? Sailing? Advancing your career? A warmer climate? So many possible dreams!

Before making the decision to follow your dream, think about the following:

  • Your values How do they fit in?
  • Your family situation.
  • Your job or career situation.
  • How it will feel to leave family and friends behind.
  • Your expectations.

Don't let your dream turn in to a nightmare. Thing about your decision before making the move. Make sure the move fits with your values, that you can cope with being far from your homeland or state and, that your expectations of a new life are not too high.

Which questions do you think you will have to ask yourself before making a decision?

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