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Traveller: Top 100 Bars - Wild about de Wildeman

So what does it have? Seventeen beers and a cider on tap; 201 bottled beers; real ale or Franconian keller beer on Thursdays; 18 single malts; 8 Jenevers; monthly one-off unique draft beer; a featured quarterly brewery; British, German, Dutch and spontaneous-fermented beer weeks accompanied by beer-based meals and a beer quiz with beery prizes; sponsored (free) beer/brewery tasting; a beer menu; annual silver-club award for the most promising Dutch brewing talent; a tankard storage cabinet with individual lockers for regulars; a choice of 16 snacks that includes local specialties like Amsterdam's Osseworst; a weekly changing beer-based meal; and, efficient bartenders that can provide useful beer tips or even a sample to taste.

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It's the exemplification of "slow". Not because of the service (which is excellent), but because no one is in a rush here. Whether you're looking for a pick-me-up around lunchtime, or a relaxing drink after a hectic shopping spree, this is the place. Want to read your newspaper or a book? You can linger for hours.

This doesn't mean that it's never busy here. Friday afternoon and evening is the busiest time to visit, and if all the 70-odd chairs are taken you can always stand and rub elbows with the locals at the well-endowed bar.

Don't worry if you can't speak Dutch the locals are always dying to show-off their prowess in "Steenkool" (pronounced stain-cole), a local English dialect.

There's no chance of drinking "stale" beer as they sell about 1,000 litres of beer each week (60 per cent draught and the rest bottled). Purists know that they will always find something new on tap and many will even SMS friends to rush over and taste an exclusive brew before the keg quickly empties.

Not convinced? Just ask one of the bartenders to surprise you with a beer that's not on the list, or if it's not busy, for a quick peek in the cellar.

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