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Things to do in Mount Diablo


Mount Diablo is located east of San Francisco sort of at the end of Highway 24 where it intersects Highway 680. Map. I took this picture near my home in Pleasant Hill as a huge storm was blowing in. I was technically standing in Martinez, but all the area in the foreground behind the first hill and oak trees is Pleasant Hill My house is there somewhere, I swear! I made this black & white conversion with Photoshop.

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Legend has it that the mountain was named in 1804 or 05 when a Spanish military expedition surrounded some of the local Native Americas near the summit. When the Native Americansmysteriously escaped the Spaniards named the mountain,"Monte del Diablo." This legend has evolved over the years. In 1850, the famous General Vallejo told the story differently saying that this disappearing tribe was at the base of the mountain when an evil spirit appeared routing the Spaniard solders, allowing the Indians to escape. In 1914, General Vallejo's son changed the legend once again embellishing it to include the heroic actions of his fatherlassoingthe "agent of his master, the Devil".

The most famous story comes from Bret Harte in 1863. The legendary story is an account of the Devil appearing on the mountain to an 18th century priest. In this account the Devil foretells the Spanish losing control in the area, but promises to inhibit this eventuality only if the priest renounces his calling. The priest rejects this offer and begins to fight with the Devil. He later awakes only to learn that he had been dreaming. And finally this same story was modified to assert that the priest was later found on top of the mountain staked to a cross.

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