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Visit The Parks And Gardens of Victoria With A Rental Car

You can visit and enjoy the many parks and gardens of Victoria, Canada at any time of the year but the most popular season would have to be spring because that is when most of the flowers are in full bloom, with brilliant colors on display and that unmistakable smell of spring is in the air. One of the highest rated is the Butchart Gardens located on Keating Cross Road, which is around 30 to 40 minutes away from downtown, and the best way to get there is with car rental Victoria or else you will have to take public transport and add on some extra travel time.

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Every evening in summer you can enjoy live music and entertainment in the great outdoors while relaxing on the grass or on a park bench, so bring a towel if you're looking for a laid back way to spend the evening. On Saturday nights in July and until Labour Day in September you can also witness one of the biggest fireworks displays in all of North America.

Some other local parks and gardens that you may be interested in are the Abkhazi Gardens which was created by the Russian Prince and Princess Abkhazi, famous for it's Japanese Maples and rhododendrons, and the Hatley Park National Historic Site which is Canada's largest historic park. If you plan on visiting a few of these sites you should consider a Victoria car rental which will give you the comfort and flexibility you will need on your journey.

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